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Shipping will resume around the beginning of August,

once everything is unpacked, rigged, and installed, operations will resume.

New location address, hours etc ... will be posted once things are back up and running.

We appriciate your paitence. 



11 Degree Forcing Cone Installation

Improves Accuracy

Gently Guides The Ball Into The Rifling

Counters Small Cylinder Alignment Issues

Colt ~ Rogers & Spencer ~ Remington ~ Starr

No Barrel Removal Required


Uniform Barrel Gap

Improves Accuracy

Cuts and trues the cylinder end of the barrel to

provide a uniform gap between the cylinder and barrel.



Both Operations $75.00

Price does not include return shipping or insurance.

Please note the shipping restrictions at the bottom of the page,


ATTENTION Euroarms Owners:    

While we do accurize, and repair Euroarms R&S Revolvers, there is currently

no source for replacement or aftermarket parts. This may result in extended

wait times for your project, if replacement parts are required to complete repairs.

We source parts from many different vendors and multiple other sources, however we offer

absolutely no guarantee as to when, or even if, needed parts will become available.




Notice To NY residents.

No firearms of any type will be shipped to any NY address,

except to a valid FFL holder.

This also applies to any firearm being serviced, or repaired.

A copy of the valid FFL is required in hand, prior to shipping.

This is to comply with the New York Safe Act.



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